About the Artist

ViolentlyCurly is a freelance artist and streamer living in the Portland Oregon area. She is deeply invested in her vast array of creative endeavors, her freedom of sexual expression and the future of art, life and beauty on this planet.  She finds inspiration in the earth and natural things, the sci-fi and fantasy genre, as well as the passion and enthusiasm of her creative peers.

Curly was raised by four loving parents in suburban Detroit and has had an affinity with art since she could hold a pencil. Growing up, she greatly admired the works of Brian Froud, Susan Seddon Boulet and Van Gogh. Music and animation are also heavy influences in both her art and her internal creative processes.

After graduating high school with every offered art class under her belt, Curly was briefly educated at the College for Creative Studies for Entertainment Arts. Small dexterous detail being her skill and speciality, she pursued jobs like instrument repair, cake decorating and knife making to pay the bills; However, due to long-term chronic pain caused by hyper mobility, she decided to focus more on her independent art career. Now she happily spends her creative hours working on animated, comic, digital, literary, NSFW, pattern and traditional art mediums.

 Married the summer of 2016 to her longtime artist boyfriend, Curly and her husband have been creative duo for over 10 years.  Much of their time together is spent discussing story ideas, world-building theories, animation-fluidity and most importantly, laughter to the point of tears.  They dream of converting a bus into an RV, to create an ideal mobile home to delve into their creative interests and focus on their artistic goals.

Curly holds a lot of love and gratitude for her wonderful family, vast in numbers, encouragement and support.  Just as dear to her are her incredible circle of friends, who have bolstered and guided her with the same heart and enthusiasm as her relatives.  Without the support of these amazing people, Curly would not be where she is today.